Chief, Brian Comeau
Exeter Fire Department, Exeter, NH.
“We strive to provide our personnel with the best tools on the market. SPARK Data Systems Preplan package has given the members of our department the edge. For us, the ease of data entry and retrieval was a key selling point.”

Michael Blake
Assistant Fire Chief, Durham, NH
“The average response time in most of our area is under five minutes, so we need almost instant delivery of information for the first-due piece of apparatus. There are other preplan systems that are more expensive, however they have a lot of extra data that’s not necessary to first-in crews.
SPARK is truly a computerized program that provides quick, reliable information, and it’s simple to operate so my people will actually use it.”

Assistant Chief Steve Achillies
Portsmouth Fire Department, Portsmouth, NH
“We were able to hit the ground running entering data with SPARK Preplan. The flexible data entry works easily with the way we gather information. SPARK Preplan allows us to use it just the way we want to. It is simple enough for everyone to collect data and complete enough to give us all the critical information just when we need it.”