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SPARK Preplan.

Easier to use than any other software for incident response.
Enter existing data or update during routine inspections.
Enter address, any part of address or name and complete 
location information appears.
Touch screen simplicity. As easy to use as an ATM. Scroll through large screens that show you:
• Warning Conditions
• First-in Hazards
• Hazardous Materials
• Apparatus Placement
• Water Supply Location
• Photos and Floorplans
• Utility Locations

And More…
SPARK is scaleable to any size department.
SPARK conforms to NFIR reporting.

SPARK Personnel Accountability System

Get rid of the dry erase board. SPARK PAS is the digital white board to track crew on scene.
• Tracks your crew safety.
• Alerts you when duties run over.
• Tracks time in seconds.
• Logs entire incident and duties.

Project 54 Emergency Vehicle Kits (Ergo-Voice Control System)

Some of today’s emergency vehicles are equipped with digital radios, GPS units, computers, radars, lights, sirens, etc. Dispatch centers have become computerized, and resonders access a variety of databases on a daily basis.
Until now, it has been difficult for these systems to work seamlessly together. Project54 is a complete integrated solution.

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